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Our Mission Statement...

Grow, Learn, Have fun, Succeed

Our mission statement as a Church school is to provide a calm, safe and caring atmosphere underpinned by strong Christian values, which allows each child to develop their own strength of character and belief.

We are an Attachment Aware School which encourages strong relationships to develop in order that every child has the potential to grow and improve, both individually and collectively, in an environment which promotes learning, achievement and success.

We recognise that self-esteem is crucial for achievement, therefore our school is always striving to improve, grow and move forward, driven by a positive attitude to learning.


Our Vision

To provide the best quality education within a learning environment built on a Christian ethos.


To help pupils realise their full potential, developing lively, enquiring minds, making them able to

apply themselves to intellectual and physical tasks.


  To instil respect for other people and value other people, irrespective of colour, creed, religion,

and way of life or disability.


  To help pupils acquire the foundations of knowledge and skills needed for further education and

for life.

Our Values


  To create positive values towards learning.


  Through the structure of Christian values provided by the school, encouragement and support is

given at all times to pupils and staff, raising confidence and self esteem.


  To create a caring, stimulating environment in which pupils can grow and learn.


  To celebrate achievement and success.


  To develop in pupils positive attitudes such as self discipline, honesty and responsibility.


  To develop significant relationships which allow for significant learning to take place.


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