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Our aim is to offer a broad, balanced curriculum in order for our pupils to acquire knowledge and in doing so, promote enjoyment in learning. We aim to provide both the knowledge and skills necessary to equip our pupils for work and leisure as active, confident and responsible members of our community.

The school sets out to provide each child, according to their ability, with an education based on the Core Subjects included in the National Curriculum: English, Mathematics, Science and Welsh together with the Foundation Subjects: History, Geography, Information Communication Technology, Music, Art, Design & Technology, Physical Education, Religious Education and Personal & Social Education.

Foundation Stage pupils experience outcomes depending on their ability.

Children work at Key Stage 2, Levels 1-5. The school implements the curriculum through the thematic approach but lessons that are unconnected with the theme are taught discretely, especially in core areas.

The LNF - The Literacy and Numeracy Framework and the DCF - Digital Competancy Framework are central to the curriculum. There is a ‘whole school’ approach towards planning, ensuring continuity and progression of subject matter and development of skills throughout all year groups. In May of each year all children in Years 2 to 6 will sit the National Reading and Numeracy tests.

Teachers use a wide variety of teaching methods which involve the pupils working individually, in small groups or as a class.

We are now moving into an exciting period for the school as we move towards planning for the new Successful Futures Curriculum for Wales.

Further information about the National Curriculum is available on request from the Head teacher.

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